What’s Your Elevator Speech About Chiropractic Care?

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What’s Your Elevator Speech?

Do you know what an elevator speech is? It’s what you tell people about yourself and your chiropractic practice in the 30-seconds you’re together in an elevator.

Specifically, your elevator speech should tell your captive audience:

  • Who you are (including your name, your chiropractic practice name)
  • What types of patients you serve
  • What services you provide (quick overview)
  • How patients benefit from your chiropractic care

Consider what your niche specialization is and how you position yourself when you develop your elevator speech. Here’s a sample 30-second speech:

“Hi, I’m Dr. Chuck Chiro. I’m the head of the Chiropractic Sports Injury Prevention Center. Our center helps young school athletes avoid injuries by showing them how to stretch, warm-up, and properly prepare for exercising. Unlike others in the sports field, we focus mostly on prevention of injury, not treatment. We want to take care of our young patients BEFORE damage occurs.“

Use the sample elevator speech to craft your 30-second practice blurb.


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